America West Makes First Payments in Unique Travel Agency Commission Program

America West Airlines (NYSE: AWA)
announced today that its Agency AWArds program has distributed commission
checks to travel agencies based on their performance during the second quarter
of 2002, which is the first payment period since the program began in April.

America West is the only major airline to replace commissions with a pay-
for-performance commission structure that is available to every travel agency
in the United States.  More than 12,000 agencies have signed up for Agency
AWArds, which gives travel agents the opportunity to earn up-front commissions
in exchange for bookings that exceed America West`s normally expected market
share. For the initial quarter of enrollment, commissions are paid
retroactively. Once a commission threshold is established, agencies receive
up-front commissions.

“Travel agents asked for fair compensation based on their sales and
America West listened,” said Ron Cole, vice president, sales. “We are proud to
be partnered with the agency community in this pay-for-performance program
that has gotten off to a very successful start.”

America West`s new, simplified, business-friendly everyday fare structure
gives travel agents more opportunities than ever to sell America West. The new
fares eliminate traditional Saturday night stays and offer reduced one-way
fares throughout the United States and Canada. The new pricing structure
results in significant savings in comparison to the business fares charged by
the other major carriers.

America West encourages all U.S. travel agencies to enroll for Agency
AWArds at