MALAYSIA AIRLINES SuperSaver Fares Update

Malaysia Airlines kick-off the first day of the SuperSaver fare offer with a more than overwhelming response from the public. Additional staff were deployed to both the call centers in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching to cope with the tremendous demand.
Reservations lines were ringing at the stroke of midnight where the call center staff received more than 2,400 bookings within the first two hours of the SuperSaver Fare.
A status check at 1300 hours today showed that the call volume increased by 65%. It is anticipated that both the Kuala Lumpur call center and the Kuching call center would have received a total of 23,000 calls by the end of the day.
Enquiries for the SuperSaver Fare bookings for flights between Peninsular Malaysia - Sarawak registered the highest volume at 37.4%, followed by flights within Peninsular Malaysia at 32.5% and flights between Peninsular Malaysia - Sabah at 30.1%.
The management of Malaysia Airlines wishes to thank the Malaysian public for the overwhelming support of the SuperSaver Fare.