Frontier Airlines Expands its Reaccommodation Policy for Vanguard Airlines Ticketholders

Frontier Airlines (Nasdaq: FRNT) yesterday expanded its reaccommodation policy for Vanguard ticket holders whose travel plans were disrupted as a result of Vanguard Airlineså’ cessation of operations on July 30, 2002, to provide standby accommodations for Vanguard customers.
Vanguard customers wishing to travel standby on Frontier Airlines must contact Frontier’s reservations center before their planned date of travel and by Sept. 28, 2002. Frontier Airlines will accept tickets held by Vanguard customers for standby travel on Frontier on the originally scheduled travel dates and to the originally ticketed cities. Vanguard ticket holders must present their Vanguard Airlines’ paper ticket or e-ticket confirmation at a Frontier ticket counter on the dates of travel. Standby travel is not guaranteed and will only be awarded if seats are available at the time of departure. A $50 handling service fee per segment will apply. A segment is defined as one takeoff and one landing.
Customers who prefer confirmed travel may take advantage of discounted rates for Vanguard ticket holders through Sept. 28, 2002, which include waived advance purchase requirements and other waived restrictions for Vanguard ticket holders seeking reaccommodation on their originally scheduled travel plans.
To sign up for standby travel by Sept. 28, 2002, or for information regarding Frontier’s reaccommodation policy, customers holding Vanguard tickets are advised to call Frontier’s reservations center at 1-800-432-1359 or review the airline’s full policies on the Web site at