SAA Objects To Utterances Made By Big Brother Housemate

South African Airways (SAA) objects strongly to utterances made by one of the Big Brother housemates, Thando Mkhize on Thursday suggesting that the airline condones the use of alcohol by flight attendants while they are on duty.
SAA would like to assure its passengers that their safety is of utmost importance. Under no circumstances will SAA tolerate anybody drinking while on duty. Those who contravene their conditions of employment will be dealt with severely.
Clause 25 of SAA’s employment conditions of flight attendants and flight deck crew states very clearly that they should not be found to be intoxicated 12 hours preceding the time at which they are booked to assume duty, while on duty and any time after duty, while still in their uniforms, if they are drinking in a public place.

Should any of our aircrew members be found guilty of any of the above offences, the following sanctions apply:
Consuming alcohol/drinking alcohol liquor 12 hours immediately preceding the time at which he/she is scheduled to assume duty - a final written warning for five years.
Consuming/being under the influence of alcohol whilst on active duty onboard an aircraft is a dismissable offence.
Consuming/being under the influence of a drug or substance having narcotic effect up to 12 hours prior to assuming duty or whilst on duty is also a dismissable offence.
SAA has referred the matter raised by Ms Mkhize to its legal department for advice on what steps to take against her.