SACL Says, Again,

Sydney Airports Corporation Limited (SACL) today reaffirmed, again, that there is no agreed price structure or a completed agreement with Virgin Blue regarding access to the former Ansett terminal.
SACL officials today made the following points;
*Virgin Blue has never produced any evidence that in any way substantiates its claims
*A series of letters from Virgin Blue to SACL during May and June clearly show that, from Virgin Blue`s management perspective, there was no confirmed deal (see below)
*Virgin Blue requested the Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Services to review its claims. Mr Corrigan was asked to put his claims in writing
*SACL has been briefed on the outcome of an independent third party review by the Department of Transport & Regional Services. So has Mr Corrigan
*SACL has been asked by the Government to not disclose the details of that briefing
*There was nothing in the Government`s briefing to cause SACL to review its position which is supported by strong legal advice
All this documentation, confirming that no agreement had been finalised, was revealed to all potential bidders through the data room process during SACL`s privatisation. SACL has also issued public statements covering the above.
Virgin Blue cannot claim that there was an agreement on price or an agreement was reached on 18 April when this is completely contradicted by subsequent correspondence and public statements.
SACL is also surprised at Virgin Blue`s suggestion that the former Ansett Terminal is “grossly overpriced”. Since SACL has been privatised, Virgin Blue has refused to participate in commercial discussions on the use of the terminal and accordingly has not asked, nor have they been told, the price structure SACL would require for the use of the Ansett Terminal.
SACL believes public airing of such matters does nothing to further the commercial interests of either party and does little to enhance traveller confidence in the domestic aviation industry.
Instead of resorting to publicity stunts and inflammatory advertising, Virgin Blue should publicly disclose the outcome of Virgin Blue’s request for Government to consider this issue.