5 Star Flyers

Five Gulf nationals have become the first pilots to have successfully completed a new Gulf Air training and selection programme, which aims to recruit and train 10 new pilots from the GCC States, every year.
Yasser Al-Alawi, Ali Al-Qaad, Hamed Al-Mehza, Mansour Redha and Hisham Ali have graduated to the position of Second Officers for the national carrier of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar, after an intensive 12-month course.
On their graduation, Captain Navzer R. Mehta, Gulf Air Head of Flight Standards & Training, said: “Gulf Air operates one of the most stringent testing and selection programmes in the industry and the quality of these new recruits is testiment to the standards that Gulf Air sets for all its pilots.”
All new trainees, who are required to have a Commercial Pilots License on entrance, receive psychometric and flying skills testing, plus written exams in technical procedures, mathematics and English language, as part of the programme.

On completion, the pilots achieve a ‘Frozen’ Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL).  They then build up their flying hours on the A320 aircraft until they meet the requirements for the issue of a full ATPL.