Delta Air Lines Announces New Checked Bag Allowance

Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) today announced a new checked baggage allowance for domestic travel. Effective Aug. 15, Delta customers can check a maximum of two bags free of charge. Previously, customers could check three bags free, if they didn’t have a carry-on. Delta’s revised baggage policy still will allow each ticketed customer three bags free, but only two of the three bags may be checked.
“Delta is changing its free checked baggage allowance to better manage the dramatic rise in checked baggage in our system,” said Rob Maruster, director, Airport Strategy and Services. “Since Sept. 11, Delta customers are checking, on average, 20 percent more bags.”
Delta customers will be charged a fee of $40 for the third checked bag. Customers checking any additional bags, or checking items which exceed other excess restrictions, will be charged the appropriate excess baggage fees as found on Delta’s Web site at
The new checked bag policy applies to passengers traveling on Delta, Delta Express, Delta Shuttle, Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Comair, Chautauqua Airlines, Atlantic Coast Airlines and SkyWest Airlines. The new policy includes passengers ticketed prior to Aug. 15. These guidelines may not be applicable to Delta`s codeshare partners. Additional restrictions may apply on certain flights.
This new checked bag policy does not affect Delta’s carry-on policy. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations allow only one carry-on bag and one personal item through airport security checkpoints and carried aboard aircraft. TSA-approved personal items include a purse, briefcase, computer bag, camera case and diaper bag.