SAA Pilots and Engineers Reach Agreement

14 August, 2002, JOHANNESBURG: After protracted talks on salary increases, South African Airways (SAA), South African Airways Pilots Association (SAAPA) and South African Airways Flight Engineers Association (SAAFEA), have reached an agreement.

According to the agreement pilots will receive a 15% salary increase for the year 2002/2003 (backdated to 1 April 2002) subject to certain productivity improvements.

There is however the outstanding issue of the parity of their salaries with their counterparts overseas. SAA pilots believe that their earnings do not have the same purchasing power when compared with their colleaugues abroad. This issue will be taken on arbitration. Thus the 12,5% salary increase in 2003/4 is subject to an agreement on the parity of salaries.

SAA is pleased that an amicable solution has been reached on the salary negotiations. It is imperative that all within the SAA family should pull together to improve on the successes of the last financial year despite the unfavourable conditions in which the airline industry operates.