SAS Discontinues Flights to Greenland

The final SAS service on the route between Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq in Greenland is to take place on October 25th.

Last April, SAS announced its decision to discontinue the service in connection with the transition to the 2003 summer timetable. The early announcement was designed to give Air Greenland time to procure the necessary aircraft to meet the demand for both passenger and cargo transport.

Air Greenland has now decided to introduce an Airbus 330-200 on the route by Oct. 28, 2002. It would mean a major capacity surplus if both airlines were to fly the route.

SAS has accordingly fixed the date for its final flight for Oct. 25, 2002.
“It is with sadness that SAS discontinues this route after having served Greenland regularly for more than 50 years,” says Karl Erik Kj¿ller, Head of the SAS Greenland route. “But the customer base for the service is too small for two companies to achieve profitable operations in competition with each other, and that is why we choose to stop already in October this year.”