SWISS Payloads Continue to Exceed Budget

In July, 1.16 million passengers were welcomed aboard by SWISS. The seat-load factor in the month under review was 76.1%, not only exceeding the figure for the previous month but also the Business Plan.

In Europe, 886,661 passengers were carried in July - the seat-load factor attained 63.5%. Traffic to destinations in south-east Europe and the Scandinavian countries produced highly satisfactory results.

On the intercontinental route network SWISS had a load factor of 82.6% - in all, 271,995 passengers were transported. The flights to North America -  SWISS offers direct connections to New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington and Montreal also had very good payloads. Destinations in the Far East also proved to be very popular.

The results achieved lie above the Business Plan of December 2001, which foresaw 921,000 passengers for the month of July.

The complete traffic statistics may be called up in the homepage (under the heading “Unsere Firma”/“Investor Relations”/“Presentations”).


SWISS reporting is based, on one side, on traffic statistics, and, on the other, on financial results.

The monthly traffic statistics contain information about the number of passengers carried, the number of flights, the available and revenue seat kilometres and the seat-load factor. This information is a pure indication which can be compiled relatively quickly at the end of the reporting month. SWISS plans to publish traffic statistics as follows:

August 16.09 —September 11.10 —October 13.11 —November 12.12 —December 17.01

A comprehensive financial report is a matter of great concern for SWISS. For this reason, SWISS publishes every quarter the success factor and the balance. This information takes longer to amass than the traffic statistics and, for this reason, come later. In the current year there is, in addition, the expansion of a regional airline into an intercontinental airline to be mastered. Furthermore, the tendering of accounts has been changed from FER to International Accounting Standards (IAS). SWISS plans to provide financial results on the following dates:

// Half yearly report 2002 16.09 //  Report after 9 month 2002 27.11 //  Consolidated final results 2002 25.03 //