Qantas Takes Delivery Of New Aircraft

Qantas has taken delivery of a new Boeing 767-300 series aircraft, the fourth new aircraft added to the airline’s fleet in the past nine months.

Qantas Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Dixon, said the 253-seat aircraft - from the Boeing factory in Seattle, USA - would be used primarily for Qantas domestic services.

“This Boeing 767-300 will operate mainly on domestic routes to cater for increases in demand, especially in the lead up to the Olympic Games,” Mr Dixon said.

“The aircraft will fly predominantly between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, but will also be used between Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Mr Dixon said Qantas engineers and quality assurance personnel had been working closely with Boeing staff on the preparation of the new aircraft.


“We sent a team to the United States, as is our usual practice, to participate in the routine test flights prior to taking delivery of the aircraft.”

Qantas has added three new Boeing 747-400 aircraft to its fleet since September last year.

The new B767-300 will take the Qantas B767-300 fleet to a total of 22 aircraft.