Qantas Wins Top Business Awards

Qantas has been voted the company with the best corporate image in the country, for the 11th consecutive year, in a poll conducted by Australia`s National Business Bulletin.

The magazine`s annual Corporate Image Survey canvassed the views of Australia`s corporate leaders in their perception of more than 300 business organisations and their products.

The poll placed Qantas on top of the corporate image list across all categories with 1038 points out of a possible 1200, ahead of Mercedes-Benz, Nokia, Telstra and Canon.

Qantas was also voted International Airline with the Best Corporate Image, ahead of Singapore Airlines, Ansett Australia, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand.

Qantas Chief Executive, James Strong, said the poll results were very pleasing and recognised Qantas as a distinctive brand with a long standing reputation for reliability and quality of service in a very Australian way.


“Qantas appreciates this vote of confidence by a discerning audience, but realises the need to continue to invest in maintaining high standards,” Mr Strong added.

The National Business Bulletin is a monthly management publication circulated to financial members of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other business associations.

Qantas has also recently been ranked as Australia`s leading company in a survey of top Australian businesses operating in Asia.

The Far Eastern Economic Review`s seventh annual Review 200:Asia`s Leading Companies ranked Qantas ahead of National Australia Bank, News Corporation, Telstra, Coles Myer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Woolworths, Lend Lease Corporation, Westfield Holdings and Foster`s Brewing Group.

The Far Eastern Economic Review, a weekly business news publication, surveyed more than 3 500 people in Asia on a range of criteria to compile Review 200.