Changes In The Management Board And Supervisory Board Of LOT Polish Airlines

During its meeting of 20th November, 2001 LOT Polish Airlines Supervisory Board decided on limiting the make up of the company Management Board from six to four. The decision was taken in order to increase effectiveness of company management and in view of the currently undertaken restructuring moves at LOT Polish Airlines.

The current composition of LOT Polish Airlines Management Board: Jan Litwinski - President & CEO, Piotr Ikanowicz, Marek Rymkiewicz, Zbigniew Lesiecki.

The Extraordinary General Assembly of LOT Shareholders which was convened on 14th November, 2001 with the participation of institutional Shareholders: the State Treasury, SAirLines Europe B.V. and representatives of shareholders - employees, undertook, among other moves, changes in the composition of LOT Polish Airlines Supervisory Board. Antti Potila and Christopher Müller of SAirLines Europe B.V. were recalled together with Representatives of The State Treasury: Jan Wesolowski and Eugeniusz Wrobel.

The new members of LOT Polish Airlines Supervisory Board are: Danuta Tyszkiewicz (Ministry of Infrastructure) and Marek Grabarek (Ministry of Economy) - representing the State Treasury as well as Maria Kowalewska and Tomasz Kopoczynski - representing the Swiss shareholder SAirLines Europe B.V.

Apart from the above mentioned the remaining members of LOT Polish Airlines Supervisory Board are: Jan Szczesny (Chairman, Ministry of State Treasury), Wojciech Wiesyk (Secretary), Irena Lejzerowicz, Andrzej Szubinski, Maciej Plonski - representing LOT Employees and Peter Somaglia - representing SAirLines Europe B.V.