British Airways, Lufthansa And SwissAir On The Short List As LOT Polish Airlines Draws Closer To Pri

The Minister of Treasury, responsible for the privatization process of LOT Polish Airlines, has recently released the short list of three airlines vying for the purchase of the 10% stock offered in the first part of the whole process of privatization. The three aviation leaders on the list, interested in the potential investment are:

British Airways, Lufthansa and Swissair.

The three companies will gain broad access to very detailed information on LOT Polish Airlines to enable them to prepare the necessary analysis for the final offer bid in the end of September of this year. Only one of the three companies, at the end of this year, will gain the right to buy the shares in LOT. The offer includes also the right to buy shares of new issue.

The choice of the strategic investor will determine which future world wide aviation alliance LOT Polish Airlines will join. British Airways would bring LOT into OneWorld, Lufthansa would make it close to the Star Alliance, and Swissair to Quality Alliance.

All three possibilities present LOT and its passengers with exciting new opportunities.