LanChile: Top Latin American International Cargo Carrier And 22nd In The World During 1999.

LanChile transported 1,736,000 tons of cargo during 1999, thus becoming the main Latin American air cargo carrier, according to the ranking prepared by the magazine Airline Business. This information was published in the November edition of the trade magazine, which provides official figures for the world airline industry.

Thus LanChile holds top spot among Latin American airlines handling international cargo, followed by the Brazilian airline, Varig, with 927,000 tons.

The same publication placed LanChile among 50 of the world`s best cargo carriers, ranking it 22nd. Last year, LanChile ranked 31st, so it advanced almost ten positions from one year to the next.

This major achievement is mainly the result of the importance that LanChile, unlike other companies, assigns to its cargo business, the result of the fact that Chile generates a significant volume of air cargo headed for the United States. This is also due to the increase in passenger flights that LanChile has implemented lately, using modern Boeing 767-300F aircraft with very good cargo capacity, unlike many competitors that fly using narrow fuselage aircraft. An increase in the frequency of flights to Lima and the incorporation of new cargo routes, such as Ecuador, also contributed.

However, another key element in achieving this ranking is the fact that LanChile has one of the best warehousing and office facilities for a cargo operation at the Miami Airport.


Armando Valdivieso, Vice President of LanChile Cargo, said, “We`re proud. Having achieved this leadership demonstrates LanChile`s advantages in the cargo area. Today we participate in every South American market and we`ve modernized our cargo fleet with the inclusion of the B767-300 F, which, along with the B747 200 Fs, our wide body passenger fleet, and our alliances with American Airlines and Tam, allow us to offer first rate service, enormous coverage, and to cover the USA and practically all major South American destinations on a daily basis. This has generated confidence among our customers, because through LanChile they`ve been able to meet their air transport needs in this part of the world.”