LanChile S.A. Monthly Traffic Report For July 2000

LanChile S.A., (“LanChile” or “the Company”) (NYSE: LFL) Chile’s largest domestic and international, passenger and cargo airline, reported its preliminary July monthly and accumulated traffic statistics and punctuality indicators.

The Company reported that its system passenger traffic for July decreased 8.8% while capacity decreased 9.7%. As a result, the Company’s load factor increased 0.7 points to 71.4%.

International passenger traffic for July decreased 9.7%, while international passenger capacity decreased 9.9%. Accordingly, the international passenger load factor for the month rose 0.2 points to 72.3%. Domestic passenger traffic for July decreased 5.2% as capacity decreased 8.8%. Accordingly, the domestic load factor for the month increased 2.6 points to 68.1%.

Total cargo traffic for July increased 23.7% primarily as a result of the new freighter operations to Europe and increased perishable traffic from Latin America primarily to the United States. Cargo capacity for July increased 8.1% mainly due to increased freighter operations resulting from the inclusion, in December 1999, of an additional 767-300 freighter in the Company’s fleet.

In addition, for the month of July, 85.4% of the Company’s total flights left on time, based on a fifteen-minute standard (considering all departures leaving up to fifteen minutes of the scheduled departure time as “on time”). This represented a 2.0 point improvement as compared July 1999.