FAA Certificated LanChile In Its Top Category For US Operations.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the civil aviation authority in the United States, has granted LanChile pilots and aircraft a Category III (cat III) rating, which is the highest possible for a foreign airline operating in that country.

Technically speaking, the category III rating means that US authorities have authorized LanChile captains and aircraft (Boeing 767-300 and Airbus A340) to carry out precision approaches and landings in conditions of reduced visibility, thanks to rigorous training standards met by crews, the equipment available on the aircraft, and optimum safety levels applied to every aspect of operations and fleet maintenance systems. This constitutes important recognition of LanChile’s record for professionalism in terms of air safety.

The company is in permanent contact with the Federal Aviation Administration and, as a matter of fact, LanChile was the first Latin American airline authorized by that body to start up operations from the United States after the attacks on 11 September.

Luis Ernesto Videla, LanChile General Manager, stated that “for us it is a source of great pride that the top civil aviation authorities in the US have granted LanChile certification, as this confirms the professionalism of company pilots and the high maintenance standards for its fleet, constituting recognition of the daily effort by LanChile’s team to guarantee operation safety and service quality, which are our main goals.”