Latest Official Figures Once Again Confirm easyjet As Most Punctual Low-Cost Airline

For the second month running, the latest official Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data shows that easyJet has the best overall punctuality record of all the low-cost airlines.

The most recent published figures1, which cover all airline departures and arrivals at UK airports in August, show that 67%3 of all easyJet flights were on time2, beating both Go`s and Ryanair`s performance for the month. The figures also revealed that over 94% of all easyJet flights operated within an hour of schedule.

After safety, punctuality is the airline`s top priority. The tragic events of 11 September have obviously had an impact upon the operations of all airlines following the introduction of heightened security measures. However, easyJet has worked very hard to ensure that the impact of these measures is minimised, and our current on-time performance record is now back to previous levels. You can check this for yourself as, unlike other airlines, easyJet publishes its punctuality statistics every week here on the web site.


1. Validated punctuality information from the Civil Aviation Authority is published approximately three months in arrears.


2. Defined as within 15 minutes of schedule.

3. An average of departure and arrival statistics for August 2001.