easyJet Punctuality Figures - Week Ending 7 October 2001

Like all airlines, the easyJet network was affected by the tragic events that took place in America on 11 September due to the introduction of heightened security measures at all European airports.

easyJet responded with meticulous security checks to provide passengers with the safest transportation possible. The safety of the 18 million passengers we have flown has always been our first and foremost concern. Regrettably we did incur some delays as a result and apologise if you were affected. But we hope you understand that we will not compromise on safety.

The efforts of all easyJet employees have been focused on overcoming these obstacles as we all learn to live in a changed environment. We appreciate how important the punctuality of your flight is to you, and our on-time performance is now back at previous levels.

To illustrate our faith in our operation, we are reinstating our practice of publishing our on-time performance figures on weekly basis - something we`d challenge our competitors to imitate.

Week ending 7 October 2001:
* 78% of all flights arrived on time#


* 95% of all flights arrived within one hour

# Within 15 minutes of scheduled arrival time.