easyJet And AOM/Air Liberté

easyJet, the low-cost airline, has today written an exploratory letter to Swissair Chief Executive, Dr Mario Corti, which could result in easyJet operating services from Paris Orly.

Swissair part-owns the now-bankrupt French airline, AOM/Air Liberté. easyJet is not interested in buying the French airline or its business, or acquiring any of its liabilities. However, an easyJet operation in Orly, AOM/Air Liberté`s Paris base, could safeguard the jobs of some employees currently employed by AOM/Air Liberté.

Any arrangement would be conditional upon having access to take-off and landing slots.

Ray Webster, easyJet Chief Executive, said:

“An opportunity exists which could enable us to offer services from Paris Orly, where we believe strong latent demand exists for low-cost flights. It is in the interests of the company, its shareholders and prospective customers to explore it.


“However, two major caveats exist: that any operation is compatible with our low-cost structure; and an assurance that take-off and landing slots will be made available.

“Neither the underlying business strategy nor the growth plans of easyJet will change.”