easyJet Flies One Of The World`s Youngest Fleets

The easyJet fleet, which currently consists of 18 737-300s, and three Boeing 737-700s is one of the youngest in the world, the average age of the aircraft being under five years old.

easyJet is committed to flying a modern fleet, and firm orders for 32 brand new Next Generation 737-700 aircraft have been placed with Boeing. As these new aircraft enter the fleet, other aircraft will be phased out, making the average age of the easyJet fleet even younger. By 2004, the easyJet fleet will consist of 44 aircraft with an average age of under four years.

easyJet operates a single type of aircraft, the Boeing 737, regarded as the workhorse of the industry. It is one of the best selling commercial aircraft of all time, made popular because of its efficiency and cost effectiveness. Uniformity of aircraft in the fleet is one way in which easyJet is able to keep costs low, as this allows the airline to maximise efficiencies in terms of the recruitment and training of crew, as well as in maintenance costs.