easyJet Files Injunction Against Olympic Airways

easyJet Airline today filed an injunction against Olympic Airways - the Greek national airline - for unfair competition and misleading advertising in the Greek press.

In their recent adverts they advertise fares from Athens to various European destinations including London, failing to mention anywhere that these fares are available for a limited period only and for a limited number of seats.

The advertised fares do not include additional taxes such as Airport Passenger Duty, or the Passenger Service Charge, which is not in fact a tax imposed by the Government - it is a handling fee for using the airports, charged by the private companies owning them.

easyJet believes that British Airways, whose executives were recently appointed to manage Olympic Airways, not only bring with them their supposed `wisdom` of the airline industry but also their unfair practices for which they are known in the UK.

It is known to everyone that BA is only interested in high-yielding passengers and ignores the rest. Their low-cost subsidiary GO operates to compete unfairly with easyJet and the other low-cost carriers on many domestic and international routes. In the case of the London to Athens route, Bob Ayling the Managing Director of BA has given Rod Lynch, the Managing Director of OA, the task to compete unfairly with BA`s competitors using Olympic Airways.


The court hearing will take place on Friday 29 October 1999 at 10.00.