easyJet License Refused On Geneva-Barcelona Route

Swissair has exercised its political influence and the Swiss Ministry of Transport has refused easyJet a license to operate on the Geneva-Barcelona route which is due to start on July 29th 1999.

easyJet is committed to transporting its passengers. Whilst easyJet appeals to have the decision reversed, passengers on the Geneva-Barcelona route will be transported on easyJet aircraft via London. Route licenses for Geneva-Nice (starting July 28th) and Geneva-Amsterdam (starting July 30th) have been granted, and no objections have been made by any other of the national carriers on these routes. This includes Iberia who made no objection to the Geneva-Barcelona route.

No other easyJet routes are affected.

For the present, easyJet has ceased selling seats on the Geneva-Barcelona route.

Swissair is a company owned by private shareholders and has succeeded in making sure that the law is interpreted in its favour. Swissair wishes to maintain its monopoly on the Geneva-Barcelona route so that consumers have no choice as to which fare they pay. A mid-week return from Geneva to Barcelona with Swissair costs around 1000sfr whereas easyJet returns start from 79sfr.