easyJet Terminates Concession Agreement

On December 2nd 1998, easyJet terminated its concession agreement with Neil McDermid due to non-payment of the concession fee.

The concessionaire supplied easyJet with an in-flight magazine, timetables, confirmation letters and envelopes, retaining the advertising revenue from these printed materials. The concessionaire`s publishing company was called Westguard Ltd., which had previously been known as Weslake Publishing Ltd.

In addition, Neil McDermid was also given the concession to create easyExtras, a company which supplied easyJet passengers with car hire, accommodation and travel insurance needs.

As easyJet did not receive the agreed concession fee and other sums due from Neil McDermid, the concession agreement for all of the above was terminated.

Since the termination notice easyJet has been forced to take the final resort of legal proceedings in order to recover the sum of £377,686.03p plus interest. Click here to view the High Court Default Judgement stating the amounts owed to easyJet by Neil McDermid, who has been declared bankrupt.