Crossair Executive Board Meets Employees Of The Swissair Group

Only by working together across all hierarchical and intra-company borders will it be possible to implement the Phoenix Project success-fully. This was the upshot of the meeting lasting more than two hours between the executive board of Crossair and personnel of the Swissair Group. The event was held today, Friday, in the SR Technics hangar at Zurich Airport.

The meeting took place at the behest of Crossair. Swissair president Mario Corti was able to welcome the entire Crossair executive board as well as roughly 2000 employees of the Swissair Group.

The remarks by Crossair CEO André Dosé concerning the current state of the Phoenix Project were the main focus of attention. Dosé gave those present a detailed overview of how things stand at the moment. In doing so, he made absolutely clear that the Phoenix Project continues to be based on the 26/26 scenario contained in the business plan. “Any statements to the contrary are incorrect”, said Dosé. In addition, he underlined the intention of Crossair to work with the ancillary flight service providers of the Swissair Group. According to Dosé, the respective negotiations are well under way. As far as the divisions Network, Operations, Sales and Product are concerned, work is in full swing.

The Crossair CEO called on the employees of the Swissair Group to support him and the whole management team in implementing the Phoenix Project. “Our government and industry have given us a job to do. They want our country to continue to have a national airline”, said Dosé, “and we want to achieve this objective together and build our common future.”

In this connection, Dosé appealed to those present at the meeting: “Let us bury all our prejudices and make a new beginning. We shall treat all who work for Phoenix equally fairly, irrespective of whether they were previously members of Crossair or have just joined us.”
The Crossair CEO expressed understanding for the fears and worries of those affected by dismissal from Swissair. André Dosé went on to say that: “Crossair will therefore do everything possible to provide a future for as many of you as possible”.


Following Dosé`s remarks, the Crossair executive board responded to questions and statements from Swissair employees.