The Crossair Board Of Directors Decides In Favour Of Phoenix Plus.

The Crossair Board of Directors has carefully examined the Project Phoenix Plus and has satisfied itself that the financial conditions attached to a new Crossair are acceptable. It unanimously approved the project and notes with satisfaction that the Federal Council, the banks and industry are fully supporting the decision. As a result, a future is being provided for many individuals and, with the joint forces, it will be possible to write a new page in the history of Swiss aviation.

Thanks to the financial engagements made for the provision of public funds and by the private economy, Phoenix Plus can now be realised. The Crossair Board of Directors now appeals to all concerned to take full advantage of this opportunity and to undertake together, without prejudice, this task of a new beginning. The Crossair Supervisory Committee is conscientiously assuming its responsibilities to find an acceptable solution for the future, even if this carries with it considerable risks to the company. The implementation of the 26/26 solution must be undertaken in a measured fashion and must be oriented to market conditions.

The Crossair Board of Directors is optimistic that the Management, as well as all employees, will take up the challenge and will lead the new Crossair to success. It thanks all those concerned who worked to provide the foundations for Phoenix under the most difficult circumstances and considerable pressure of time, in order that clear-cut decisions were possible today.

The Crossair Board of Directors, the Crossair Management, as well as the Crossair and Swissair employees thank the people in our country who indicated their solidarity and support by means of demonstrations of sympathy for the project. We count on them in the future to continue to provide their invaluable support.

The Crossair Board of Directors.