Crossair Administrative Board: Phoenix Plus Only Possible With Adequate Funding

The Crossair Administrative Board notes with satisfaction that the Task Force set up by the Federal Council continues to give its full backing to the Phoenix Plus Project. The Council has assured the Task Force of its full support. The Administrative Board is fully aware that the fate of thousands of persons is dependent on the success of the project and that, for this reason, all efforts are being directed towards saving jobs and to guaranteeing the fundamental economy of our country.

For this reason, Crossair will do everything in its power to assist in bringing Project Phoenix to a successful conclusion. Without adequate financing, however, this will not be possible.
The Crossair Administrative Board has taken note of the Business Plan and will have to decide by the end of this week if the conditions exist for its implementation, in particular, if the financing is assured as a result of the efforts of the Federation and industry. Authorisation and implementation of the Business Plan is only possible if there is a sound financial basis. In particular, adequate capitalisation must be guaranteed in order to reduce the risks of expansion. In addition, the legal and operational conditions must also be met. The plan requires the maximum possible degree of collaboration and the conviction of all concerned that it can be accomplished.

The Crossair Administrative Board.