Crossair And Swissair Working Together

Today, Tuesday, a working group, comprising leading Crossair and Swissair Group personnel, started work on the build-up of a new airline, based on Crossair. The discussions took place in a good and constructive atmosphere.

The project organisation will serve as the basis for the establishment of orderly flight operations from October 28 onwards. Objectives include: the establishment of clarity for the persons affected; the resolution of operational, technical and financial questions raised by the building up of flight operations. Other important objectives are the maintenance of the necessary infrastructure, covering in particular the maintenance of the aircraft, the reservation and handling systems and passenger service, as well as freight handling at the airports. For these flight operations, it is necessary to obtain official authorisation and to secure the slots at the airports.

The basis for this work is, as before, the business plan presented on October 1. This is currently being refined and foresees the continuing build-up of the short-haul fleet and also the build-up of the long-haul fleet within the planned framework. How speedily this can be achieved depends on the efficiency of the infrastructure, the solution of legal problems, from the passenger demand and the financial means available. The banks and the Federal offices will today, Tuesday, be comprehensively briefed on the progress as part of the continuouis contacts which are being maintained.