Crossair Prefers To Develop Own Cargo Division

The new Swiss airline is interested in developing its own air cargo division.  However, a final decision will not be taken on this issue until a thorough assessment has been conducted of the current business landscape.

Crossair would prefer to develop its own cargo division, to maximise the prospects of securing the key airfreight revenues targeted under the Phoenix business plan.  The new Swiss airline will not be able to offer long-haul services without an effective air cargo system.  A project team is currently working intensively on appropriate preparations. 

Decisions are expected in a few weeks` time, once a clearer picture has been obtained of the working capital required and the impact this is likely to have on the new airline`s overall equity situation.  The Crossair Board of Directors and Executive Management also regard cargo handling as a key and integral component in the company`s overall airfreight activities.
If Crossair is able to realise its ambitions in the air cargo sector, personnel from the current Swisscargo would be considered when establishing the corresponding organisation.  Unfortunately, however, no promises can be made on this point until a definite decision has been taken on whether to proceed with such development.

Crossair will not be commenting further on the contents of this media release.  We hope we may count on your understanding.