Buzz Predicts A Substantial Growth In Revenue To March 2002

buzz, the low cost airline today predicted a substantial increase in revenue for the winter schedule period of November 2001 to March 2002 versus the same period last year despite the current industry climate. This follows on from a 50% growth in revenue for the first five months of 2001 versus the previous year.
The airline also reports that bookings and services are nearly back to normal following the recent tragedies in the USA. Despite the increased security measures at airports across Europe over 97% of buzz flights are leaving within one hour of the stated time of departure while 72%* are departing on time. Although bookings fell by 15% in the immediate aftermath of the tragedies, last week`s booking were back on target and buzz predicts that its passenger figures will be up substantially on the same period last year.
Says Tony Camacho, Commercial Director, buzz, `Despite initial fears, public confidence in low cost European travel has bounced back as reflected in our bookings and we`re on target to hit budgets this quarter. What we have seen in a change in booking patterns with business flyers leaving it as late as possible to make their booking decisions. However, forward bookings are strong particularly with leisure travellers who are taking advantage of the great price offers currently available.