British Midland Terminates Code-Share Agreement With American Airlines

British Midland has today confirmed that it is to terminate its code-share agreement with American Airlines with effect from the end of the winter 1999/2000 season on the 25th March 2000.

The airline is giving notice well in advance of the termination date to ensure there is no inconvenience to passengers.

Despite the determination and commitment of both airlines in promoting the relationship, there has been, over a period of time, a marked deterioration in the numbers of passengers taking advantage of the code-share agreement.

Alex Grant, director of strategy and external affairs, said:

“When we first entered into our code-share arrangement, a large number of passengers benefited from convenient connections with American Airlines onto our services at Heathrow.
“However, over a period of time the formulation of various airline alliances, including “Oneworld”, has seen passengers diverted onto other airlines within such groupings.
We now believe that it would be far more beneficial for British Midland to focus its efforts on developing enhanced passenger benefits with our other three transatlantic code-share partners.”