America West to Reinforce Cockpit Doors

America West Airlines (NYSE: AWA)
announced today it will begin installation of secondary reinforcing restraints
on cockpit doors to enhance security on its aircraft.  With recently received
Federal Aviation Administration authorization, the airline plans to complete
installation on all of its approximately 140 aircraft within 30 days.
America West has been working diligently to develop a reinforcing
restraint designed to secure airplane cockpits.  The installation of door
restraints is part of the first phase of a comprehensive plan by industry and
government to provide greater cockpit security.
“We are pleased with this initial first step and plan to continue our
efforts to further secure the cockpit,” said Jeffrey McClelland, executive
vice president of operations.  “Our engineering team has been working
diligently to provide our flight crews with the maximum level of security in a
very near term.”