America West And FAA Agree On Post-Audit Actions

America West Airlines (NYSE: AWA)
announced today that, following discussions with the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) concerning the recently completed review of the Airline`s
maintenance and supporting programs, the FAA advised of concerns about certain
of the Airline`s maintenance records and reliability programs and with the
manner in which the Airline analyzes and surveys those records and programs
and that the Airline and the Agency had agreed on certain actions to address
those concerns.  The FAA stated that the requested actions were intended to
help America West ensure the continuation of the Airline`s solid safety record
and advised America West that the Airline had successfully completed all other
aspects of the Agency`s review.
W. Douglas Parker, America West Airlines` president said: “The FAA
requested that within seven days the Company audit certain of the Airline`s
aircraft to ensure compliance with, and completion of, certain airworthiness
directives.  The Company has completed that audit and is satisfied that all of
the airworthiness directives have been complied with and are properly

Further, Parker said, “The agency has asked the Company to submit within
30 days a comprehensive plan to improve the Airline`s continuous analysis and
surveillance (CASS) programs and a plan to review and update its maintenance
programs.  America West has had a project to restructure both its CASS and
maintenance programs underway for some time.”
The FAA indicated that it would provide special oversight of America
West`s maintenance operations during the time necessary for the completion and
implementation of these plans.
“America West intends to meet all of our regulatory obligations and will
do so,” said William A. Franke, chairman and chief executive officer.  “We
have recently announced management and organizational changes to support these
efforts.  The FAA`s requests are consistent with our own internal plans to
ensure adequate infrastructure within our maintenance organization and we are
confident that working with the FAA we will meet our shared objectives of
improving our operating reliability and maintaining our industry-leading
safety record.”