America West Airlines Announces Agreement To Take Early Delivery Of Airbus Aircraft

America West Airlines, Inc. (NYSE: AWA)
announced today that it has entered into an agreement, subject to its board
approval, to lease two new Airbus A320-200 aircraft from Singapore Aircraft
Leasing Enterprise (SALE).  The transaction enables the airline to accelerate
to October 1998 the delivery of two new Airbus, A320-200 aircraft previously
ordered by America West.

SALE is an aircraft leasing company jointly owned by Singapore Airlines,
Temasek Holdings (Private Limited) Government, Singapore Investment
Corporation Pte. Ltd. and Boullioun Aviation Services.
America West Airlines, the nation`s ninth largest carrier, serves more
than 90 destinations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico offering travelers the
same full-service product they have come to expect from other national
airlines but with low fares.  America West ranked number one in baggage
handling as recorded in the 1997 Air Travel Consumer Report published by the
U.S. Department of Transportation.

America West Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of America West
Holdings Corporation, an aviation and travel services company with 1997 sales
of $1.9 billion.

This press release, as well as releases issued in the past year by America
West Holdings and its affiliates, can be accessed on the America West Internet
site at