Alitalia : Preliminary Passenger And Cargo Results

In September 2001 passenger traffic, expressed in RPK, for the whole network of the Alitalia Group showed a decrease of 17.1% compared with the same month in 2000, on a 11.3% reduction in capacity offered expressed in ASK. Load factor decreased by 5,2 p.p. at 73.8% level. The overall number of passengers showed a decrease (-5.2%).

It has to be noted that these monthly traffic results has been affected by the recent event of the 11th of September.
Looking to the geographic breakdown, the intercontinental sector was the most affected among the three.

Particularly, in addition to the recent cancellation of routes to Australia, South and East African destinations, September has accounted a strong reduction in Passenger traffic on the North Atlantic routes (-29.4%) compared with a reduction of capacity offered by 19.5% and a consequent reduction for the passenger load factor by 10.6 p.p. and on South Atlantic routes, where RPK decreased by 8.8%, ASK by 1.4% and load factor by 6,5 p.p..

The intercontinental routes as a whole accounted a reduction in passenger traffic on a 28.5% compared with a decrease of 21.7% in capacity offered and a load factor reduced by 7,5 p.p.

On the international routes passenger traffic, expressed in RPK, showed a decrease of 2% on a capacity offered, expressed in ASK, up by 2.7%. Load factor went down by 3.4% at 70.3%. This result is mainly due to the difficulties on the Middle East routes where load factor decreased by 19 p.p. as a result of a reduction in passenger transported by 9.6% and an increase in capacity offered by 16.9%.


On domestic routes capacity offered decreased by 3.6% in ASK while passenger traffic was down by 1.8% in RPK with an increase in load factor of 1,3 p.p. Cargo traffic shown a 26% drop with capacity offered reduced by 26.4%. Consequently cargo load factor showed an increase of 0.4 p.p., compared to the same month in 2000, reaching 67.7%.

In the first nine months of the year 2001 overall passenger traffic showed a reduction of 6.5% in RPK compared to the same period of 2000. Overall capacity decreased by 7.5% in ASK. Consequently load factor was up by 0.8 p.p. reaching 73.9%.

The number of passengers went down by 2.4%. On the intercontinental routes passenger traffic decreased by 12% in RPK on a capacity offered reduced by 14.6% in ASK, with a load factor up by 2,3 p.p..

The international network passenger traffic, expressed in RPK, grew by 3.8% on a capacity offered increased by 2.4% in ASK, with the load factor up by 0.9 p.p.. On domestic network traffic showed a decline of 4.2% on a capacity offered reduced by 2.6%. Consequently load factor was down by 1,1 p.p..

From January to August cargo traffic decreased by 9% compared to the same period in the year 2000 .The available capacity was down by 6.6%. Consequently cargo load factor decreased by 1,7 p.p..