Alitalia: Preliminary Passenger And Cargo Results

In August 2001 passenger traffic, expressed in RPK, for the whole network of the Alitalia Group showed a decrease of 7.5% compared with the same month in 2000, on a 9.2% reduction in capacity offered expressed in ASK. Load factor improved by 1.5 p.p. reaching 80.5%. The overall number of passengers showed a light decrease (-0.4%).

Looking to the geographic breakdown capacity offered on the intercontinental sector was reduced by 14.9%, mainly due to the cancellation of routes to Australia, South and East African destinations. Passenger traffic decreased by same percentage, consequently the passenger load factor remain stable at 85.5%.

In particular, traffic on the North Atlantic routes showed a decrease in load factor of 0.6 p.p. reaching 86.8%, while load factor on Far East destinations increased by 1.2 p.p. at 83.9%.
On the international routes passenger traffic, expressed in RPK, showed an increase of 5.3% on a capacity offered, expressed in ASK, up by 1.5%. Load factor went up by 2.8% at 78.2%. In particular, traffic grew on UE sector (+1.5% in RPK and +4,1 p.p. in load factor). On domestic routes capacity offered decreased by 9.8% in ASK while passenger traffic was down by 3.4% in RPK with an increase in load factor of 4,8 p.p.

Cargo traffic shown a 11.9% drop with capacity offered reduced by 15.3%. Consequently cargo load factor showed a decrease of 2.2 p.p., compared to the same month in 2000, reaching 56.4%.
In the first eight months of the year 2001 overall passenger traffic showed a reduction of 5.1% in RPK compared to the same period of 2000. Overall capacity decreased by 7% in ASK. Consequently load factor was up by 1.5 p.p. reaching 73.9%. The number of passengers went down by 2%.

On the intercontinental routes passenger traffic decreased by 9.7% in RPK on a capacity offered reduced by 13.7% in ASK, with a load factor up by 3,6 p.p.. The international network passenger traffic, expressed in RPK, grew by 4.6% on a capacity offered increased by 2.3% in ASK, with the load factor up by 1.5 p.p.. On domestic network traffic showed a decline of 4.6% on a capacity offered reduced by 2.5%. Consequently load factor was down by 1.5 p.p..


From January to August cargo traffic decreased by 7% compared to the same period in the year 2000 .The available capacity was down by 4.2%. Consequently cargo load factor decreased by 2 p.p..