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Preliminary Passenger And Cargo Results April 2001

During April 2001 Alitalia Group overall passenger traffic on the entire network showed an improvement in the load factor of 0.7 p.p. reaching 74.9%. Traffic, expressed in Revenue Passenger Kilometre (RPK), went down by 8.2% compared to the same month in the previous year, on a total capacity reduced by more than (9%). The overall number of passengers decreased by 4.8%, mainly due to industrial actions occurred during April.

Considering the different geographic area it has be noted that the load factor in the intercontinental sector went up 2.1 p.p. reaching 78.8%. Passenger traffic showed a decrease of 12,6% on a capacity offered reduced by 15%, mainly due to the cancellation of routes to Australia, South and East African destinations. In particular, positive results were achieved on Central and South American routes (respectively +3.5 p.p. and +0.8 p.p. in load factor reaching 77.4% and 74.8%), while on the North Atlantic routes load factor showed a slight decreased (- 0.5 p.p.) despite all it remained well above 80%. On the international routes passenger traffic was virtually stable (-0.2%). The capacity offered went down by 0,4%. Consequently load factor increased slightly at 71,3%. In particular, load factor went up on UE and Extra-UE sector (respectively +1.8 p.p. and +3.4 p.p.) while it decreased on North Africa and Middle East destinations (respectively -8,6 p.p. and -4,3 p.p.) as a consequence of the deterioration of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. On domestic routes capacity offered decreased by 5.1% while passenger traffic went down by 6.6%.

Cargo traffic shown a 11.6% drop with capacity offered reduced by 4.7%. Consequently cargo load factor showed a decrease of 5.1 p.p. reaching 65.9%.

In the first four months of year 2001 overall passenger traffic showed a decrease of 2.4% compared to the same period of 2000. Overall capacity decreased by 4.8%. Consequently load factor went up by 1.7 p.p. reaching 69.4%. The number of passenger went down by 2%.
Traffic increased on the International network by 6.2% in RPK, with load factor up by 1.5 p.p.. Load factor increased also on the Intercontinental network (+4.9 p.p.) where passenger traffic decreased by 5% on a capacity offered reduced by 11.1% as a consequence of the cancellation of the routes mentioned above. On domestic routes traffic showed a decrease of 6% on a capacity offered remained stable (+0.1%).

In the first four months of the year cargo traffic decreased by 4..3% compared to the same period of 2000 on a capacity offered down by 1.9%. Cargo load factor decreased by 1.7 p.p.