Meeting Of The Executive Committee

During a meeting of the Alitalia Executive Committee on April 24, the Chief Executive Officer, Francesco Mengozzi, gave a preview of the company`s performance during the first trimester 2001, which will subsequently be submitted to the Board of Directors during the meeting to approve first trimester results, and will be officially issued in due course.

From these preliminary figures, it is evident that the results for the period in question before tax and extraordinary items, considering the air transport sector only, will be broadly similar to the results of the same period in the previous year, which showed a loss of 372 billion lire.

Regarding this, it is important to remember that the company`s partial economic results are always significantly affected by seasonal factors which strongly penalise the first three months and the last two months of each year.

Finally, the quality level of the company`s services, with respect to the first trimester of 2000, have shown improved performance with a regularity index of 98.9% and a punctuality coefficient of 82.7%.