Passenger Load Factor Rises By 1.4% During January 2001

During January 2001, passenger traffic over the whole Alitalia Group network, expressed in RPK, showed an increase of 1% with respect to the same month in 2000, although there was a 1.3% decrease in capacity offered. This led to an improvement in the load factor of 1.4 p.p. reaching 62.4%. The overall number of passengers was practically the same.

With respect to the same period of the previous year, the performance shown by the intercontinental sector was very positive. Even though there was a 7.6% reduction in the capacity offered, mainly due to the cancellation of routes to Australia and some East African destinations, passenger traffic rose by 0.3% leading to a 5.6 p.p. improvement in the load factor. In particular, positive results were achieved on North Atlantic routes where the RPKs increased by 21.2%.

For the international network, where there was a 7.4% increase in capacity offered, passenger traffic increased by 8.3%, mainly due to good performance in the EU area where traffic expressed in RPK increased by 3.4% even though the capacity offered remained more or less the same. In addition, it is worth noting that there were significant increases in the passenger traffic in the Middle East area (+35%) in spite of the Israel-Palestine crisis, and on North African routes (+8.3%).

On domestic routes, the policy aimed at improving unitary revenue moves ahead with positive results, even though a 3.4% increase in capacity offered was accompanied by a 5.8% decrease in passenger traffic.
As for cargo traffic, there was a decrease of 0.9% in RTKs and a 1.0% reduction in the capacity available. The load factor remained practically the same at 63.9%.