KLM And Alitalia Expect The De-Merge Process To Be Finalised By 31 August 2000

After announcing the termination of the partnership between KLM and Alitalia on 28 April 2000, both companies have expressed the need to demerge their integrated organisations gradually, safeguarding the needs and the interests of the customers. In view of bookings already made, KLM and Alitalia have decided to continue their joint service commitments until 31 August 2000.

On 1 September 2000, the publication of flights under joint flight numbers (code sharing) will be terminated. Until this date, the benefits of “seamless” travel, including lounge access, joint check-.in locations (in jointly served stations) and co-ordinated flight schedules will remain unchanged. Passengers already holding reservations on joint flights after 31 August 2000, will be contacted by Alitalia, KLM or their travel agent to adjust their booking if necessary.

With a few countries still to follow both companies have now restored their own sales offices in 80 countries world-wide, providing reservations and ticketing facilities separately. Where either party is not fully equipped yet to provide customer services for their company, KLM and Alitalia will continue to support each other. Non commercial agreements benefiting both airlines will be continued for cost efficiency reasons.

All joint communications are to be phased out and both companies will advertise under their own brand names. Flight schedules will remain unchanged until 31 August 2000. For the most updated schedules, passengers are referred to their travel agent or to electronic timetables on the companies` web-sites.

KLM and Alitalia will inform their most loyal customers on the implications of the demerging process through a personalised communication. The joint Internet site www.klm-alitalia.com will remain on-line for updated information on the de-merge process.