The Inspections Of The Alitalia Group`s Fleet Of MD80s Were Completed This Morning

No defects or anomalies were found during these checks on the entire fleet of McDonnell Douglas planes, 89 MD80s in all.

The order to carry out a specific inspection of the tail stabilisers of this type of plane came from the American Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and ENAC (Italy`s Civil Aviation Authority) on 11 February 2000. All airlines were requested to carry out inspections following the accident involving an MD80 belonging to Alaska Airlines last 31 January in California.

Alitalia, which carried out checks at Rome, Naples and Milan Linate/Malpensa airports, did not find any signs of damage or malfunctioning in the stabiliser controls on the Group`s MD80s and MD82s, nor on the MD83s and DC9-51s belonging to Eurofly, a charter affiliate.

The entire operation took place within the required 72 hours, without affecting normal operations.

Inspections will now continue at greater frequency than usual to ensure that the entire fleet is checked.