Alitalia`s Board Of Directors Met Today

Alitalia`s Board of Directors met today and carefully considered the legal advice given by an authoritative committee of lawyers on the events that have taken place in recent months in connection with the Malpensa affair.

After a detailed evaluation, which found the directors in agreement with the views expressed by the lawyers, the board unanimously agreed to postpone any action to protect the Company`s interests until there is a definitive solution for the split of traffic between Milan`s airports. At the same time, it was agreed that the Licensing Authority should be informed about the interests, position and possible damages that might be caused to the Company if they adopted a solution radically different from the one initially stated by the Regulatory Authority when the Malpensa hub was first launched.

The Board of Directors also approved the guidelines of the trilateral agreement between Alitalia, KLM and Northwest, giving the Managing Director a mandate to continue negotiations to finalise the agreement.