AirBaltic Celebrates 5th Anniversary

On October 1, 2000 the Latvian national airline airBaltic celebrates its 5th anniversary. airBaltic priorities are safety, punctuality and service.

On this special occasion, airBaltic President and Executive Director Kristian Kirchheiner remarked: “When we have travelled a certain distance, we stop and take a look back. Latvia has changed very much in these past five years. The year 1995 saw the collapse of two airlines, and all the partners who founded airBaltic took on a great financial risk.

Five years ago we set our goal - to make Riga the air traffic crossroads of the Baltic region. We survived the period when the effect of the Russian crisis on economic development in Latvia affected the dynamics of our profits as well. At that time, we made a strategic decision, closed down some of our routes, and increased the number of flights on the profitable routes. Our strategy proved to be right - passenger numbers have steadily increased.”

“I see a close connection between airBaltic development and the general stabilisation of the Latvian economy. A national airline can only develop successfully in a thriving economy,” added airBaltic President Kristian Kirchheiner.
The number of airBaltic employees has greatly increased in these five years: from 64 employees in 1995, to 268. At present, airBaltic has direct flights to eight destinations, and cooperation with its partners makes it possible to fly to any destination in the world. By the end of this year, airBaltic will have contributed a total of more than 4,600,000 Ls to the national budget. Punctuality is one of the main airBaltic priorities, and in this point, our performance is much better than that of other European airlines.