Kristian Kircheiner New President Of airBaltic

On Friday, August 13, a new airBaltic President & Chief Executive Officer was nominated for the office. Kristian Kirchheiner was appointed as the new airBaltic President & Chief Executive Officer.

Rudi Schwab, who was in the position since March 1997, has resigned due personal reasons.

According to the Joint Venture Agreement during the initial period SAS’s responsibility is to nominate a candidate for the position. SAS nominated Kristian Kirchheiner as the new airBaltic President & Chief Executive Officer, who was approved at the Board of Directors on August 13, 1999. According to general practice in the aviation industry the new President & CEO also has to be approved by the Director General of the Latvian Civil Aviation Administration.
Kristian Kirchheiner works for airBaltic since January 1, 1997 and up till now was in the position of Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales & Ground Operations.

“I will continue the company’s development along the path that was set up when airBaltic was established and my top priority will be to improve profitability,” said K. Kirchheiner.
airBaltic Board of Directors