Aer Lingus Recommends Alliance With American Airlines And British Airways

The Aer Lingus Board today, Thursday, April 29th, submitted its report to the shareholder regarding the future strategic direction of the Group. The recommendation to Government is that Aer Lingus should conclude an alliance with American Airlines and British Airways and with a commitment that these airlines will sponsor Aer Lingus for membership of the oneworld alliance group.

The Board of Aer Lingus recommends to Government that the company be mandated to proceed with such a major operational strategic alliance, subject to satisfactory due diligence, documentation and regulatory approval.

The Aer Lingus Group Chairman, Bernie Cahill described this recommendation as the one which the Board believes will “offer the best possible forward direction for all the stakeholders in Aer Lingus”.

The management of Aer Lingus has engaged in discussions with many airlines and following a rigorous analysis of the various options open to the company, undertaken by Aer Lingus and its financial and technical advisors, concluded that the financial implications of failing to engage in a major strategic alliance could seriously undermine the commercial future of the Group.

The Group Chief Executive, Garry Cullen said that membership of the oneworld alliance would also deliver significant benefits to Aer Lingus customers and the Irish economy as a whole through the provision of significantly improved access. “In addition to the operational benefits brought by the successful completion of this partnership, membership of oneworld will provide enhanced travel options for customers and a seamless service for a growing customer base”, he added.