Malaysia Airlines & MARA Collaborate For Aviation Human Resource Development

Malaysia Airlines and MARA reached an understanding today to collaborate in the development of the Malaysia Institute of Aviation Technology (MIAT).

This collaboration is aimed at developing technical human resources (Licensed Aircraft Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Aircraft Technicians and other skilled technical aviation personnel) for the aviation and aerospace industry.

The national airline’s participates in this joint venture by: -

1. Providing Instructor training
2. Developing Curriculum
3. Developing training infrastructure
4. Ensuring quality assurance of the approved school
5. Assisting towards obtaining approved school status from the relevant aviation authorities.
MARA would in turn provide the necessary infrastructure and resources in order to realize MIAT into a world class aviation training center.
MIAT offers a five-year program where students would undergo training both at the MIAT and Malaysia Airlines Engineering Technical Training Center (MAS ETTC). The students will be exposed to basic theoretical courses at MIAT whereas MAS ETTC would provide the advanced basic and type courses. They will also be attending on-the-job training in a simulated hangar at MIAT and the actual Malaysia Airlines hangars. Successful students would graduate with a Diploma in Aviation Engineering and Basic License without Type Rating in the relevant trades which could be upgraded to Type Rating License.

This collaboration has set a milestone in the aviation history in Malaysia, as it is the first time that the government and the industry have collaborated to produce qualified aviation technical professionals.