Air France: Traffic For October 2001

Over the first seven months of the financial year, the load factor dropped 2.6 points to 77.8% for an increase in traffic of 3.1% and increased capacity of 6.5%
** Passenger Operations
* Capacity increased by 1.9% in ASK (available seat-km)
* Traffic dropped by 10.1% in RPK (revenue passenger-km)
* The load factor dropped by 9.3 points to 69.7%

These figures are better than those of the last ten days in September, but do not yet reflect a recovery in traffic levels. Traffic evolution has been highly volatile over the month. The drop in traffic changed from 11.7% the first week to 9.6% for the last week of October to finish at a 10.1% drop over the month.

Capacity in ASK (available seat-km) only rose by 1.9%, influenced by the initial measures to cut capacity which will only be fully implemented as from November, with the introduction of the winter schedule.

** The long-haul network
As in September, the markets most affected were North America and the Middle East. The African and Caribbean/Indian Ocean networks remained highly active. In total, long-haul network traffic dropped by 9.8% for an increase in capacity of 1.6%. The load factor dropped 9.2 points to 72.7%.
On the North American network, activity slumped in October. Traffic dropped by 27.4% for a 14.5% decrease in capacity. The load factor lost 12 points to reach 67.5%.
On Latin American routes, traffic rose slightly (up 1.1%) but remains lower than the increase in capacity (up 21.6%). The load factor therefore dropped by 14.1 points to 69.5%.
Traffic on the Asian sector dropped by 9.9% for a 6.1% increase in capacity. The load factor reached 72.9% (down 13 points).
On the African / Middle East network, both capacity and traffic rose by 18.4% and 5.8% respectively. The load factor gained 8.5 points, reaching 70.8%. This reflects two very different situations. Traffic on African routes is still rising sharply (up 21.1%) for an increase in capacity of 23.3%. The load factor remains high at 76.8% (down 1.4 points). However, the Middle East network has suffered given the current political situation. Traffic has dropped by 28.4% for an increase in capacity of 6.8%. The load factor slumped by 27 points to 54.9%.
On the Caribbean / Indian Ocean network, activity remains high with a 7.2% rise in traffic for an increase in capacity of 7.8%. The load factor remains very high at 81.5% (up 0.5 points).
** The international medium-haul network: Traffic within Europe remained low, posting a drop of 12.5% for a slight increase in capacity of 1.8%. The load factor fell 10 points to 60.8%.
** The domestic medium-haul network: On domestic routes, capacity increased by 4.3% for a 10.9% drop in traffic. The load factor fell by 9 points to 62.9%.

** Cargo Operations: After the strong decline in cargo traffic in September (down 16.3% in RTK), there was a significant improvement in October with the drop in traffic limited to 4.9% in RTK. The retirement of a Boeing 747 freighter enabled Air France Cargo to reduce capacity by 4.4% (ATK) over the month.
The load factor remained stable (down 0.3 points) at 65.7%.