Air France Steps Up Security Measures On Board Its Aircraft

Further to the French Government`s decisions aimed at reinforcing security measures in all public and air transport, Air France, whose prime concern is flight safety, will be tightening up prevention and checking procedures over and above the new requirements.

On board both national and international Air France flights, existing measures have been reinforced:

* From now on, no passenger will be allowed to board with any cutting instrument, whatever the length of the blade. Any such item must be stowed in hold baggage.

* Checks carried out at the time of boarding will require the systematic presentation of an identity card or passport.
* A headcount will systematically be carried out on board, together with the procedure for passenger/baggage identification, the purpose being to ensure that all passengers who have checked baggage into the hold are definitely on board the aircraft.

Finally, Air France will be introducing two further specific measures very rapidly:
* From now on, specially-trained security agents will be on board some Air France flights.
* A technical device will also be introduced enabling Air France to monitor, at very regular intervals, that the flight is operating normally.
For Air France, flight security and the safety of its passengers and staff are an absolute priority.