Air France : Traffic For June 2001

In June, Air France broke all its records, topping one million passengers transported in a single week throughout its global network. It also carried 156,000 passengers in a single day, while at the Hub another record was set, with 104,600 passengers handled in the course of one day, confirming the Hub`s pivotal role in the Company`s profitable growth strategy.
** Passenger operations
Activity was highly satisfactory in June, with an increase in yield per ASK (available seat-km) on long haul, medium haul and domestic networks
* Capacity up 9.7% in ASK (available seat-km)
* Traffic up 11.1% in RPK (revenue passenger-km)
* Load factor of 81.7% (up 1 point)

** Long-haul flights
Traffic on long-haul flights grew by 12.2% against a 10.3% increase in capacity. The load factor rose 1.4 points to 83.9%.

* on North American routes, the load factor remains at a high level (-2.8 points compared with the record level of June 2000) thanks to an 8.5% increase in traffic and a 12% increase in capacity.
* On Latin American routes, capacity rose 21.8% and traffic by 20.8%. The load factor came in at 77% (down 0.6 points).
* Asia also saw strong activity, with traffic up 8.7% and capacity by 4.9%. The load factor improved by a substantial 2.9 points to 84.7%.
* In the Africa/Middle East network, capacity was boosted by 13.7% and traffic rose 16.8%. The load factor advanced by 2 points to 78.3%.
* Traffic on Caribbean/Indian Ocean routes grew 17.7% on a capacity increase of 6.9%. The load factor advanced 7.6 points to 82.5%.

** International medium-haul services
Traffic on the medium-haul network grew 5.3%, while capacity rose by 7.2%. The load factor was down 1.3 points to 72.9%.

** Domestic medium-haul services
Traffic on domestic routes rose 10.7% on a 9.5% capacity increase. The load factor improved by 0.9 points to the exceptionally high level of 78.2%.
** Cargo operations:
With capacity boosted by 2%, traffic rose 0.5% and the load factor shed 0.9 points to 63.3%. Yield (RATK) is expected to decrease slightly even though prices remain the same.