Air France Traffic Results For February 2001

As February 2001 only had 28 days compared with 29 in 2000, capacity and traffic data automatically registered a negative impact of 3.5%.

Air France posted a strong commercial performance for February, with higher yields throughout the network:

1. Passenger operations
* Capacity: up 3.0% in ASK (available seat-km)
* Traffic: up 3.5% in RPK (revenue passenger-km)
* Load factor: 74.3% (up 0.3 points)

** Long-haul flights

Traffic (up 4.1%) increased faster than capacity (up 3.6%), with a 0.4-point increase in the load factor, which now stands at 78.4%.


* On the North Atlantic, traffic rose 12% for a 13.5% increase in capacity. The load factor dropped 0.9 points to 68.3%.
* The load factor on Latin American routes rose 1.5 points to 80.5%. Traffic went up 8.6% for a 6.6% increase in capacity.
* The load factor on the Asian network dropped 1.4 points but nevertheless remained very high at 79.5%. Traffic fell 0.8% against a slight 1% increase in capacity.
* Traffic rose 2.1% on the Africa/middle East network against a 5.5% drop in capacity. The load factor rose 2.8 points to 80.6%.
* The Caribbean/Indian Ocean network posted a 2.7% increase in traffic for a 1.6% reduction in capacity. The load factor reached a record high of 87.8%, up 3.7 points.

** International medium-haul services

Traffic rose 4.2% for a 3.4% increase in capacity, leading to a 0.4-point rise in the load factor to 61%.
** Domestic medium-haul services

2. Cargo operations
Traffic dropped 2.4% for a 2.8% reduction in capacity. The load factor gained 0.3 points, reaching 68.9%. Yield continued to improve.